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    The university community moves forward in the integration of the SDGs

    Last Friday, the course “The 2030 Agenda and the University of Burgos” was held as part of the
    Training Plan for the integration of Sustainability and SDGs at the University of Burgos.

    The aim of this training programme is to contribute to the knowledge of the Sustainable
    Development Goals (SDGs) among the Administration and Services Staff (PAS) and Teaching
    and Research Staff (PDI) of the University of Burgos, to promote the critical awareness of the
    staff, aware of the global challenges facing humanity in a cross-cutting manner, and thus be
    able to participate in the implementation of sustainable solutions. In addition, this Programme
    aims to address the theoretical and practical implementation needs to incorporate the SDGs of
    the 2030 Agenda into the different internal work areas of the University.

    The proposal has been designed by the Centre for Solidarity Cooperation and the Institute for
    Training and Innovation in Education (IFIE), in collaboration with the Vice-Rectors’ Offices for
    Teaching and Digital Education, Campus and Sustainability and the research team of the
    European Commission-funded project “Join Rise”.

    This first course dedicated to “The 2030 Agenda and the University of Burgos” will be
    complemented by two other courses to be given this spring with the aim of training the PDI for
    the incorporation of competences or contents on sustainability and SDGs in the Teaching
    Guides of the next academic year 2023-2024, as foreseen in the Plan for the Integration of
    Sustainability-ODS in the degrees of the University of Burgos.

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